Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New beautiful 3D Tattoos

New beautiful 3D Tattoos
3d skin rip eyeball tattoo.

skin rip eyeball tattoo
3d scorpion tattoo.
scorpion tattoo
3 dimensional tattoo of Jesus on cross.
tattoo of Jesus on cross
3d font script tattoo.
font script tattoo
Spiderman tattoo with 3d skin rip effect..
Spiderman tattoo


andyfriend said...

Airplanes Huge Aviation : For a few thousand years the biggest things in the skies were only in our imaginations, flying figments of myth and fable

Fastest Fish On The Planet : In a fishy recreation of House of the Flying Daggers, these pictures capture the break-neck 75mph speeds of one of the fastest hunts on the planet.

Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan Bodyguard : Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan at the event to unveil the first look of their upcoming flick ‘Bodyguard’.

Career Highlights of Priyanka Chopra : Its birthday time for Priyanka Chopra, and it has already become a trending topic on Twitter. Piggy Chops turns 29 today and at this young age, has turned into an icon for many youngsters in the country.

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